Re: Has the current economic climate made you want to start your own business? - Durban

Monday, 15 February 2016

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City: Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
Offer type: Offer
Price: R 300


Contact name Rodney Spray
Phone 0823015482

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Our economic climate in South Africa is very volatile at the moment. Many companies and Corporations are down-scaling. Jobs are being made redundant. Unemployment figures are on the rise. The Government is calling on Private sector to help create jobs as they cannot cope. People are becoming negative. Crime is on the rise and will become worse if we do not do something on ourselves. The Government recognises that the Entrepreneurs play a very specific role in the marketplace in creating business opportunities.
Are you going to allow unfavourable conditions to control your destiny? Are you in a position where you have been retrenched, sent out many CV’s and applications for employment but are considered too old, over-qualified, etc, etc. Your nest-egg for “Pension” is being used up and nothing positive for you is on the horizon.
Maybe this advert is meant for you. You did not just find it, you were almost led to it. This is your solution to your needs. The business that you were looking for!
What would a KFC franchise cost you or a MacDonald’s franchise? One or Two million or more Rands plus royalties, wages, staffing problems and Three or more years before you break even. What if I told you that you will not be paying hundreds of thousand of Rands, not thousands of Rands to get a business-within-a-business. A working business with all the whistles and bells, Products and Training for a measly …. $18 once-off. Yes, you heard right… Only $18 once-off. A Turn-Key Operation and tips and hints, video training, everything you need to get started for the price of an eat-out at a restaurant.
While others will commute to work in “Rush-Hour-Traffic” which is creeping along at a snail’s pace, you commute to work down your passage to your study. You have to be willing to work hard, long hours in the beginning but the rewards are great. Spending time with your children and family, doing thing you never could do before and become a success.

Are you able to work without supervision, on your own without having to be prodded-on?
Are you a self-starter? Are you disciplined enough to work on your own?
Do you have some computer skills and are you internet savvy, even just a bit?
Do you have determination and drive? Are you an achiever? Goal orientated?
Are you an eager willing learner, prepared to learn new things, expanding your horizon?
You want to provide for your family and live comfortably, be able to retire without financial cares and travel the world at one or other time. If you have dreams, this is for you.

Contact me and I will get back to you with more information.

Rodney Spray
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