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Monday, 24 January 2022
  Pretty and attractive litters of babies Finger Marmoset Monkeys for sale R 3,000
…they have all their shot done and all are updated on shot and have never been sick before , very…
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Monday, 20 December 2021
    Tortoise for sale
I have 2 Tortoise for sale. One is 40cm long and 20cm high and the other is palm size.
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Thursday, 9 December 2021
  Perfect addition to your home black X mass Capuchin Monkeys 4 sale now R 3,000
…with everything including cage and play toys and games , we need the best for them now , we are…
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Monday, 6 December 2021
  Charming x mass finger marmoset Monkeys for sale now R 3,000
…with a very beautiful cage included , males and females left , Please make sure you contact by…
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Saturday, 20 November 2021
  Brahman Replacement Heifers
What an unbelievable set of Brahman females with tremendous bone, depth of body and thickness! They…
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Saturday, 4 September 2021
  Companion and healthy young babies Finger marmoset Monkeys 4 sale R 3,000
…we have all them ready for sale now , buy with cage , Use that number on the photo to text now
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Tuesday, 24 August 2021
  Durban Cheapest Ever Capuchin Monkeys to go now Whatsapp anytime R 3,000
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Thursday, 8 July 2021
    Panther chameleons R 1,000
I am looking for a panther chameleon please contact me on WhatsApp +2786014107
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Friday, 11 June 2021
  Pigs, Goats, Cows, Sheep, horse, springbok for sale R 600
…We bring you healthy livestock at cheap and affordable prices, we do explicit delivery in and out…
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Tuesday, 23 February 2021
    Red roosters, koekkoek and sebright rooster R 200
8 red roosters 3koekkoek roosters 5 koekkoek hens R200 each Sebright rooster R250
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Sunday, 20 September 2020
  Healthy Goats, Pigs, Sheep, Cows, Horses 0670873466 R 1,200
We bring to you live pigs, goats, sheep, horses, cows and many other livestock, we do deliver, get…
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Tuesday, 1 September 2020
  Kalahari red goats for sale R 1,000
…-Whatsapp +27724072381 Welcome to . We supply live animals and animal…
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Monday, 24 August 2020
  Healthy boer goats and sheeps available at very good prices R 900
call or text us on whatsapp for more details at +27825410480 Goat Types: Boer Goats, Saanen Goats…
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Monday, 20 July 2020
  Sheep... Qurbani 2020 R 1,950
Shah khalid's livestock qurbani 2020 made affordable for you during this hard time of lockdown…
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Saturday, 18 July 2020
  Durban hottest marmoset monkeys to meet now whatsapp or call me now R 3,000
…check my phone number on the pic of the baby below
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Tuesday, 30 June 2020
    Live chickens broilers cornish culls
Live chicken for sale culls broilers cornish bulk buyers welcome
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
  Goldstar chicken... Cornish broilers culls @ great prices R 50
If you love fresh and tasty cut chicken, then look no further than Goldstar Chicken. We are the…
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Wednesday, 10 June 2020
    2yr old tortoise for sale R 1,200
I have a 2yr old leopard tortoise for sale. Only to good home
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Thursday, 19 March 2020
  Pet sitting and dog walking
I offer competitive prices for walking dogs and staying overnight at your premises to look after…
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Monday, 20 May 2019
  Eggs for Human consumption R 170
We have eggs for your need please call/whatsapp us for further details 0631666684
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Sunday, 4 March 2018
  Tarantulas for sale/including starter kits R 400
If you looking for tarantulas, Please contact me for advice and very cool and unique tarantulas…
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Thursday, 1 March 2018
    Baby African Grey R 2,500
Looking for a baby african grey R2500 please message me?
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Tuesday, 23 January 2018
  Goats and sheep for sale R 1,100
We are direct suppliers of live sheep , & Live Goats , & cattle ( steers and cows), calf ( young )…
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Friday, 29 September 2017
  No Trade Angus/Simmental cow for best offer R 4,200
Bred red Angus/ Simmental cow for sale bred to 1yr7Months purebred , all cattle are sold at first…
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Monday, 4 September 2017
  Breeding pair hedgehogs R 2,000
1.5 old albino hedgehog female.1 old salt and pepper male hedgehog both have own…
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Wednesday, 28 June 2017
    Mr govender R 25
Got hamster for sale R25 each contact me o watsup me o phone me 0624652179
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Tuesday, 28 March 2017
    Marmoset or tamarin baby
I am looking for a baby I can hand raise as a companion for my baby who lost her sister and is now…
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Thursday, 9 March 2017
  Boer Goat Buck/Ewes x74 (16 months old) for sale
These Boer doe's are proven breeders, they always produce solid young without any trouble. They are…
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Wednesday, 8 March 2017
    Tamarin Monkey or Marmoset
Hi I need a tamarin or marmoset baby as companion for my marmoset who has lost her best friend to…
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
Wednesday, 25 January 2017
  Tenrecs for sale R 800
5 baby tenrecs as well as breading pair for sale.
KwaZulu-Natal › Durban
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